Dec 18
05 Dec, 2018
If you haven't, there's only one thing, LISTEN to them! They're easily one of the, if not THE BEST band out there. Producing absolutely amazing and beautiful songs is their hallmark. Having heard each and every one of their songs, I can say, for me, this is the best and nothing/no one will ever replace them.

0% modified electro gizmo and 100% pure rock.

Talking about lyrics, no other band could even think of coming close! AB has the most meaningful and inspiring words imbibed into their songs.

Myles Kennedy. The lead vocalist. Again. The best. His ability to make the live performances better than studio recordings itself is a major plus. Then, there's his voice. Magical.

A sample of what greatness is:

Nov 18
20 Nov, 2018
I wonder why I haven't posted in a long time. And, it's exams again. Surprise, surprise. But, this time, it really is nearly the end of college. The end of Sem 7. One which even the word frenzied wouldn't do justice. From start to finish, we were running all over the place. From the impromptu travels to Ettimadai Campus or Bangalore Campus and back to our campus (just to attend exams for which you don't even know what to study), all in the name of placements, to the sudden thrust of projects which kept coming and coming. Phew! And now, back to exams.

But all in all, it was most definitely fun.

May 18
28 May, 2018
Phew! One more, and that's the end of one hectic semester. Or is it? Apparently, there's more on the way. Why o why do we have so much to do and to worsen things, NO VACATIONS!!

But then again, it has been an eventful year. Lots of things happened, new games, more football, random birthday celebrations, a 2 week holiday all of a sudden, exams, exams and more exams, interviews, a summit(at Goa :p). Sheesh. It goes on!

See what I mean? To top it off, there's real Job Interviews on the way. And Final Year already?! Wow.

Oct 17
05 Oct, 2017
My very first "proper" app had come out a long time ago and I thought of giving it a few updates. And so, that is what I did. But, it turned out, I had lost my keystore file and that meant serious business. Well, there is nothing that can be done to resolve this and the only alternative is to delete and re-create. Sigh. Although not a lengthy process, it is a bit irritating to lose all those precious downloads. :(

Oh well, at least the new update looks neat!
Download: Link

May 17
25 May, 2017
Guess who the European Champions are? It's United! It may be a second tier competition, but a trophy is a trophy none the less. Add the fact that Manchester United are having some of the worst seasons ever and winning 3 trophies, imagine what it would be if we truly hit form. Not that we played that badly this season, we could've done better in the Premier League, winning so many matches when we should've. But, oh well, it still feels so good. In the end, that's all that matters. GGMU!

May 17
23 May, 2017
Ah.. It's been a while since I've posted anything lately. I wonder why. One more week of exams. That's all there is to the end of second year. It's been one really boring semester because of the subjects. But, it was a different one because of the new hostel life that I was to experience. It was rather nice, gaming taking its usual role and also got to play lots of football. Now, that was the POD. :)

And then a whole month of freedom!! Also, tomorrow's the UEL final. Can't wait. ManUtd must win. We just have to! This would be the last piece in the puzzle, to complete the illustrious trophy cabinet. Oh, well. Back to studying I guess. Sigh.

Sep 16
23 Sep, 2016
As things unfolded, I had to spend a week at my College Hostel. It was definitely a different kind of a week. One filled with gaming, gaming and more gaming(Though, that's normal). Multiplayer at its best. It was nice living with friends for a while. Oh and got to play fussball after a very very long time. The week sped away very fast indeed. The one thing is that the food was sorta meh. And now as College closes for a while, everyone's gone their separate ways and me en route to Bangalore! :)

Jul 16
06 Jul, 2016
My vacations are coming closer to its end. Just a week is left and lots still left to do. Thoroughly enjoyed Battlefield 3, though it ended very quickly. Battlefield 4 is what I'm doing now, and FIFA here and there. Also, after years of hearing about the Assassin's Creed franchise, thought I'd give it a try and started Brotherhood. Apparently it's similar to Shadow of Mordor but a lot different. And in my quest of gaming, I finally managed to put in mods into GTA 5. Finally!! I can now fly about and also be Iron Man. Skyrim was yet another on the list of games I've wanted to play and that is what I did play. Very good indeed, being DragonBorn and all, getting to slay dragons! I encountered the latest version of Unreal Tournament as well. The pre-alpha release. At first it seemed good. But now I feel the classic 1999 game was way better.. It was intended to be 'fun' and fun it was. The new one is following the current trend and focuses much more on the online multiplayer. Dragonball XenoVerse was another game I had very high expectations and it was, well, decent. That's all. Good graphics and gameplay are there but it can never reach the levels of the Budokai Tenkaichi series. Oh and in between, I got my Learner's License.. Yay! Can finally drive, a bit. Oh well.. Back to gaming!

May 16
22 May, 2016
My first year at college officially got over yesterday and what better a way to end the day than watch United play. To cap it off, an FA Cup final. After three years without a trophy, finally getting one is so relieving.

Hard to believe that the year went away very fast. Two semesters in, a host of new friends and lots of memories. Now then, nearly 2 months off and loads of stuff to do. Gaming obviously!

Mar 16
07 Mar, 2016
And so after many years, I've finally reached the 18 year mark. I can now get a license to drive. Yay! Now.. Onward to tomorrow, having to treat my buddies.. :)

Mar 16
04 Mar, 2016
Is it just me or does anyone feel like this? I've been playing CS:GO for quite some time now and I've had huge expectations for it since CS 1.6 was simply awesome. But, so far, it's been very very disappointing. It had been hyped very much and I've waited a long time to get my hands on it. The game has been modified severely, completely changing the feel of it. It has been changed so much, that it has sucked the fun out of it.

The only thing it can boast about is graphics. Besides that, the game is very dull. It seems dark and gloomy and just constantly heats my laptop. Even the classic radio conversations were fun. In this, it seems all too serious and boring. You have Call of Duty for serious stuff. Counter Strike used to rhyme with fun and not anymore with these 'upgrades'. This is just a prime example of the fact that Graphics does not necessarily mean fun! I'll just be happy playing the good 'ol 1.6 with decent enough graphics and way more fun gameplay.

Jan 16
18 Jan, 2016
What would we do without it? An instant source of attaining peace. I've tried listening to many genres of music and nothing has ever been able to dethrone Rock Music from my head. No matter when and how I try to listen to the others, it just doesn't quite ring the bell. I mean, the lyrics of bands like Alter Bridge and Three Days Grace are just beautiful. You're always in the right mood to listen to those. While pop and stuff are just meant to be played somewhere in the background. It doesn't matter what is playing. Oh well, Thank God for Rock!!

Dec 15
22 Dec, 2015
The day finally came, when I got to see my AFS buddies again! It was great that the reunion was kept at school. Got to see the old buildings and travel down Memory Lane. Well, it was the annual day and to enter, you needed the invite which I didn't have. Had to bring in Hindi after a long time and finally managed to convince the security my reasons to enter. Boy, it was difficult though. It was really fun to see everyone who came. My only worry is that I'll get to see them only after six months. Hmm..

Dec 15
17 Dec, 2015
And so, travelling to b'lore. It's been a long time now. Finally can see my old school buddies again! Yay!

Dec 15
16 Dec, 2015
Its been everything as expected. Getting up at 12:00 and sleeping at 00:00. Gaming and movies filling up in between. If only Serious Sam had splitscreen!!

Dec 15
11 Dec, 2015
A week filled with exams of all sorts finally got over. Lab exams and normal ones. Though some of them went horrible, I'm finally free!! No more assignments and other stuff, atleast for almost a month. But sem 1 got over very very fast. 6 months went away just like that. All the drawings and Mech. Workshop and other stuff. Oh and even learning 'Excel' unnecessarily. Well, its gonna be C next sem. Guess it won't be that difficult. But that's a month away. For now, gaming!

Dec 15
01 Dec, 2015
And so finally, after six months(which passed on very quickly), the time has come to end learning the 'extra' subjects. The Engineering Drawing exam got over. It was much easier than expected as, usually, drawing the previous 'tutorials' took a lot of time and were difficult. Now, there's Physics lab tomorrow. Its fairly easy I guess. Only time will tell!

Nov 15
27 Nov, 2015
A hectic week is very much looking likely. Classes wherein information is cramped into us and then the extra classes. Also, comes the lab exams and sem exams. Looks like no more FIFA for a while. Sheesh!!

Nov 15
25 Nov, 2015
And so after 2 weeks of holidays, college is finally set to open tomorrow. So, its back to waking up at 6 and reaching back home by 7. And then, end sem exams a couple of weeks later. Just doesn't get any better, eh?

Nov 15
20 Nov, 2015
It's been a week since I've got these holidays and well, the only thing I've done is 'Eat, Sleep, Game, Watch Serials, Repeat'. Minutes before entering the lab to attend an exam, I found myself going back home as a result of an 'unexpected' half-day. And college re-opens only next Thursday. Sheesh! Studying in Kerala is surely filled with holidays and they come very very frequently.. Oh, and when college finally does open, I am bound to be immersed in extra-classes. Damn! That's the sad part..

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