Nov 15
20 Nov, 2015
It's been a week since I've got these holidays and well, the only thing I've done is 'Eat, Sleep, Game, Watch Serials, Repeat'. Minutes before entering the lab to attend an exam, I found myself going back home as a result of an 'unexpected' half-day. And college re-opens only next Thursday. Sheesh! Studying in Kerala is surely filled with holidays and they come very very frequently.. Oh, and when college finally does open, I am bound to be immersed in extra-classes. Damn! That's the sad part..

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I am Manu Aravind, a final year B-Tech. student. I love football, gaming and computers!

I'm a defender/ midfielder, a console-gamer as well as a PC gamer and I know Java, C, Android App Development and HTML.