Mar 16
04 Mar, 2016
Is it just me or does anyone feel like this? I've been playing CS:GO for quite some time now and I've had huge expectations for it since CS 1.6 was simply awesome. But, so far, it's been very very disappointing. It had been hyped very much and I've waited a long time to get my hands on it. The game has been modified severely, completely changing the feel of it. It has been changed so much, that it has sucked the fun out of it.

The only thing it can boast about is graphics. Besides that, the game is very dull. It seems dark and gloomy and just constantly heats my laptop. Even the classic radio conversations were fun. In this, it seems all too serious and boring. You have Call of Duty for serious stuff. Counter Strike used to rhyme with fun and not anymore with these 'upgrades'. This is just a prime example of the fact that Graphics does not necessarily mean fun! I'll just be happy playing the good 'ol 1.6 with decent enough graphics and way more fun gameplay.

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