Jul 16
06 Jul, 2016
My vacations are coming closer to its end. Just a week is left and lots still left to do. Thoroughly enjoyed Battlefield 3, though it ended very quickly. Battlefield 4 is what I'm doing now, and FIFA here and there. Also, after years of hearing about the Assassin's Creed franchise, thought I'd give it a try and started Brotherhood. Apparently it's similar to Shadow of Mordor but a lot different. And in my quest of gaming, I finally managed to put in mods into GTA 5. Finally!! I can now fly about and also be Iron Man. Skyrim was yet another on the list of games I've wanted to play and that is what I did play. Very good indeed, being DragonBorn and all, getting to slay dragons! I encountered the latest version of Unreal Tournament as well. The pre-alpha release. At first it seemed good. But now I feel the classic 1999 game was way better.. It was intended to be 'fun' and fun it was. The new one is following the current trend and focuses much more on the online multiplayer. Dragonball XenoVerse was another game I had very high expectations and it was, well, decent. That's all. Good graphics and gameplay are there but it can never reach the levels of the Budokai Tenkaichi series. Oh and in between, I got my Learner's License.. Yay! Can finally drive, a bit. Oh well.. Back to gaming!

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