May 18
28 May, 2018
Phew! One more, and that's the end of one hectic semester. Or is it? Apparently, there's more on the way. Why o why do we have so much to do and to worsen things, NO VACATIONS!!

But then again, it has been an eventful year. Lots of things happened, new games, more football, random birthday celebrations, a 2 week holiday all of a sudden, exams, exams and more exams, interviews, a summit(at Goa :p). Sheesh. It goes on!

See what I mean? To top it off, there's real Job Interviews on the way. And Final Year already?! Wow.

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I am Manu Aravind, a final year B-Tech. student. I love football, gaming and computers!

I'm a defender/ midfielder, a console-gamer as well as a PC gamer and I know Java, C, Android App Development and HTML.