Nov 18
20 Nov, 2018
I wonder why I haven't posted in a long time. And, it's exams again. Surprise, surprise. But, this time, it really is nearly the end of college. The end of Sem 7. One which even the word frenzied wouldn't do justice. From start to finish, we were running all over the place. From the impromptu travels to Ettimadai Campus or Bangalore Campus and back to our campus (just to attend exams for which you don't even know what to study), all in the name of placements, to the sudden thrust of projects which kept coming and coming. Phew! And now, back to exams.

But all in all, it was most definitely fun.

May 18
28 May, 2018
Phew! One more, and that's the end of one hectic semester. Or is it? Apparently, there's more on the way. Why o why do we have so much to do and to worsen things, NO VACATIONS!!

But then again, it has been an eventful year. Lots of things happened, new games, more football, random birthday celebrations, a 2 week holiday all of a sudden, exams, exams and more exams, interviews, a summit(at Goa :p). Sheesh. It goes on!

See what I mean? To top it off, there's real Job Interviews on the way. And Final Year already?! Wow.

May 17
23 May, 2017
Ah.. It's been a while since I've posted anything lately. I wonder why. One more week of exams. That's all there is to the end of second year. It's been one really boring semester because of the subjects. But, it was a different one because of the new hostel life that I was to experience. It was rather nice, gaming taking its usual role and also got to play lots of football. Now, that was the POD. :)

And then a whole month of freedom!! Also, tomorrow's the UEL final. Can't wait. ManUtd must win. We just have to! This would be the last piece in the puzzle, to complete the illustrious trophy cabinet. Oh, well. Back to studying I guess. Sigh.

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