Dec 18
05 Dec, 2018
If you haven't, there's only one thing, LISTEN to them! They're easily one of the, if not THE BEST band out there. Producing absolutely amazing and beautiful songs is their hallmark. Having heard each and every one of their songs, I can say, for me, this is the best and nothing/no one will ever replace them.

0% modified electro gizmo and 100% pure rock.

Talking about lyrics, no other band could even think of coming close! AB has the most meaningful and inspiring words imbibed into their songs.

Myles Kennedy. The lead vocalist. Again. The best. His ability to make the live performances better than studio recordings itself is a major plus. Then, there's his voice. Magical.

A sample of what greatness is:

Jan 16
18 Jan, 2016
What would we do without it? An instant source of attaining peace. I've tried listening to many genres of music and nothing has ever been able to dethrone Rock Music from my head. No matter when and how I try to listen to the others, it just doesn't quite ring the bell. I mean, the lyrics of bands like Alter Bridge and Three Days Grace are just beautiful. You're always in the right mood to listen to those. While pop and stuff are just meant to be played somewhere in the background. It doesn't matter what is playing. Oh well, Thank God for Rock!!

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