Dec 15
11 Dec, 2015
A week filled with exams of all sorts finally got over. Lab exams and normal ones. Though some of them went horrible, I'm finally free!! No more assignments and other stuff, atleast for almost a month. But sem 1 got over very very fast. 6 months went away just like that. All the drawings and Mech. Workshop and other stuff. Oh and even learning 'Excel' unnecessarily. Well, its gonna be C next sem. Guess it won't be that difficult. But that's a month away. For now, gaming!

Dec 15
01 Dec, 2015
And so finally, after six months(which passed on very quickly), the time has come to end learning the 'extra' subjects. The Engineering Drawing exam got over. It was much easier than expected as, usually, drawing the previous 'tutorials' took a lot of time and were difficult. Now, there's Physics lab tomorrow. Its fairly easy I guess. Only time will tell!

Nov 15
27 Nov, 2015
A hectic week is very much looking likely. Classes wherein information is cramped into us and then the extra classes. Also, comes the lab exams and sem exams. Looks like no more FIFA for a while. Sheesh!!

Nov 15
25 Nov, 2015
And so after 2 weeks of holidays, college is finally set to open tomorrow. So, its back to waking up at 6 and reaching back home by 7. And then, end sem exams a couple of weeks later. Just doesn't get any better, eh?

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