May 17
23 May, 2017
Ah.. It's been a while since I've posted anything lately. I wonder why. One more week of exams. That's all there is to the end of second year. It's been one really boring semester because of the subjects. But, it was a different one because of the new hostel life that I was to experience. It was rather nice, gaming taking its usual role and also got to play lots of football. Now, that was the POD. :)

And then a whole month of freedom!! Also, tomorrow's the UEL final. Can't wait. ManUtd must win. We just have to! This would be the last piece in the puzzle, to complete the illustrious trophy cabinet. Oh, well. Back to studying I guess. Sigh.

Sep 16
23 Sep, 2016
As things unfolded, I had to spend a week at my College Hostel. It was definitely a different kind of a week. One filled with gaming, gaming and more gaming(Though, that's normal). Multiplayer at its best. It was nice living with friends for a while. Oh and got to play fussball after a very very long time. The week sped away very fast indeed. The one thing is that the food was sorta meh. And now as College closes for a while, everyone's gone their separate ways and me en route to Bangalore! :)

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