Nov 18
20 Nov, 2018
I wonder why I haven't posted in a long time. And, it's exams again. Surprise, surprise. But, this time, it really is nearly the end of college. The end of Sem 7. One which even the word frenzied wouldn't do justice. From start to finish, we were running all over the place. From the impromptu travels to Ettimadai Campus or Bangalore Campus and back to our campus (just to attend exams for which you don't even know what to study), all in the name of placements, to the sudden thrust of projects which kept coming and coming. Phew! And now, back to exams.

But all in all, it was most definitely fun.

Dec 15
17 Dec, 2015
And so, travelling to b'lore. It's been a long time now. Finally can see my old school buddies again! Yay!

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